Beef Herd Health Management Calendar
Floron C. Faries, Jr. - Extension Veterinarian, College Station
Wayne H. Thompson - Extension Program Specialist, College Station
Texas AgriLife Extension Service


Go to Period 7. Post-Calving 
(calves 4 to 6 months of age)

Weaned, separated calves

(6 to 8 months of age)
  1. Physical Exams
    (quality, behavior)
  2. Nutritional evaluations
    (grass, feed intake)
  3. Strategic worm control evaluations
  4. Strategic fly control evaluations
  5. Vaccinate
    (Live 4-way IBR, BVD, BRSV, PI3)
    - minimum vaccines
  6. Wean
    (market, retain)
  7. Wean weights

Pregnant cows and heifers

  1. Physical Exams
    (body condition, udder, feet, teeth, eyes)
  2. Nutritional evaluations
    (protein, energy, minerals, soil test results)
  3. Culling evaluations
    (based on physical, calves)
  4. Strategic worm control evaluations
  5. Strategic fly control evaluations