Beef Herd Health Management Calendar
Floron C. Faries, Jr. - Extension Veterinarian, College Station
Wayne H. Thompson - Extension Program Specialist, College Station
Texas AgriLife Extension Service


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(less than 3 months of age)

Pre-calving - pregnant cows and heifers

  • Pregnant cows and heifers are worked through the chute 1 to 3 months before calving for physical exams to evaluate body condition, udder, teeth and eyes. These exams may reveal the need to improve the nutrition of the herd by increasing the intake of protein and minerals. Examining the fecal pads and having hay and forage analyzed in a laboratory can help determine whether the herd needs protein and mineral supplements. Pastures may need to be fertilized to produce better quality forage. That can be determined by having the soil tested.
  • Animals that are not expected to perform well during the calving and nursing periods may be culled.
  • Annual, routine vaccines are administered to protect cows and heifers from disease and increase the immunity provided by colostrum during the upcoming post-calving period. If there are significant numbers of worms and flies in and on the cattle, animals are treated with deworming and deflying medicines.
  • The cows and heifers are individually identified so health records and production management data can be kept for each animal and each animal’s performance during calving, nursing and breeding can be evaluated.