Cropping Systems Agronomy and Soil Ecology
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Dry Blend Calculator · Designed for dry organic/inorganic materials.
This spreadsheet calculator is a training tool developed to assist in conveying better understanding of fertilizer blend manipulation, i.e., how nutrient content of mix and product selection affect physical characteristics and price of dry fertilizer blend.

MACRO-DRIVEN Blend Calculator, MS Excel required.


Beef Herd Health Management Calendar · An interactive spreadsheet.
This spreadsheet is an interactive check-list for managing herd health, i.e., nutrition evaluations, vaccines, breeding soundness, etc.

NOTE: This MS Excel spreadsheet application performs well in most MS Windows environments with default MS Excel application settings.

Interactive Calendar, MS Excel required.


Introductory Seminar · Precision Agriculture and Ag ByProduct Management
An overview of conventional management systems and potential for precision agriculture.

4.6 MByte PDF Document, Acrobat Reader v.4.05 required.


Entrenamiento · Precisión Agrícola, Una Visión Global
En esta presentación pretendemos dar una visión global y simplificada sobre los conceptos tecnológicos y científicos que subyacen en la llamada “Precisión Agrícola” y así como transmitir la idea de que la adquisición gradual de infraestructura es la forma ideal de incorporarse a esta nueva tecnología.

1.8 MByte PDF Document, Acrobat Reader v.4.05 required.