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  Sandpiper's experts can address your specific needs. We will help you to understand and manage your soil.
  • Soil remediation options from composting and mulching to soil amendment applications
  • Protecting and managing your lawn, shrubs and trees
  • Soil and landscape surveys for construction
  • Documentation of erosion damage and other litigation issues
    What we provide
  • Erosion control analysis
  • Habitat type identification
  • On-site evaluation with your goals and needs in mind
  • Plot plans & topographic maps
  • Soil sampling for ecological toxins such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, copper & zinc, and petroleum contaminants
  • Soil sampling for soil-plant nutrients
  • Soil sampling for those hard-to-grow areas
  • Soil testing for septic systems
  • Understandable reports including data, findings, and recommendations
  •   Who we serve
  • Archaeologists
  • Conservation Organizations
  • Gardeners and Homeowners
  • Government Agencies
  • Historic and Scientific Researchers
  • Land Surveyors
  • Landscaping and Construction Firms
  • Native American Groups
  • Neighborhoods and Communities
  • Organic Certification Services
  • Organic Farmers
  • People who care about trees
  • Plumbers and Realtors
    What we've done
  • On-site Investigation and Reconnaissance for Remediation Litigation
  • Petroleum Contamination Study
  • Property Use Reports, Historical
  • Soil and Vegetation Data Collection for Forestation Model
  • Soil Compaction and Root Response Study
  • Soil Evaluation for Organic Gardeners
  • Soil Mapping and Wetland Identification
  •   Why use us?
  • All services performed or coordinated by principal consulting scientist Matthew Miller, Ph.D. Soil Scientist
  • Centrally located
  • Competitive on-site consultation fee
  • Competitive Rates
  • Least-cost solutions
  • Minimum-impact analysis
  • Rapid Response and Turnaround
  • Significant experience throughout the Upper Great Lakes Region
  • We speak plain English
    WI State Certifications
  • Wisconsin state-certified Soil Tester

    Matthew Miller, Ph.D., P.S.S.
    Sandpiper Soil & Water Associates

    2326 Lakeland Avenue
    Madison, Wisconsin 53704
    Tel: (608) 245-3995

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